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Mission Statement

The development of  BACW  has been in process for many years. We are now very close to what could be termed the launch date.  We have two remaining items to be completed in the next few weeks to few months. 

 After these are completed,  we will be spending 8 plus hours a day using as many ways as possible to direct traffic to our web site.

 There will be two ways that this ministry will raise money for your ministry

What we will ask of your Ministry

We ask that you help us with directing individuals to our web page.   You may do this by sharing our web address with your staff, employs, and board of directors, friends, family etc.   Any profits that are made from individuals that are directed to us through you,  83% of these net profits will be returned directly to your ministry. (Our net profit will go to the projects outlined in our mission statement.)

  When an individual or company is introduced to your ministry through HFT7, and then chooses to make a donation through us to your ministries,  we ask that you return 17% of this donation back to HFT7 to help us with the continuation of this ministry.

We will conduct HFT7 with only 17% of all profits and donations and return 83% to the ministries that we support.

If you would like to be considered as one of the ministries that we raise money for, please contact us at