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Be A Christian Warrior   *

The first of all the commandments *

The Gethsemane Experience  *

Boot Camp*

Being Detoxified *

  Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams* We Live In This World But We Are Not Of This World. * End Times Warnings*
While On Duty On This Earth
A Christian Warrior Lives To Gain Heavenly Treasure * A Christian Warrior Lives To Gain Heavenly Treasure Part Two* Be A Christian Warrior * The Four Areas  That Make Life Work*
The Big Picture * The Simple Truth About Heavenly Treasure  * The Simple Truth *  
The Church Without Spot Or Wrinkle

Body Of Christ Leaders & Pastor's Challenge *

Plan Of Attack*

Christian Business Owners*

The Kingdom Of God And The Kingdom Of Heaven*

Scriptures Used in each section of this Web site.* They Need So Much Help  
Find Heavenly Treasure  Book Chapters 1 -27
   Heavenly Treasure  
Intro To Book Heavenly Treasure Chapter Page

Building a Heavenly Bank Account


Three questions


Understand Godís Plan For The Church,


Working Out Your Salvation


God Reveals Himself Through The Word. 


Jesusí Definition Of Abundant Life


When Someone Looks At Your Life 


Balance Balance Balance


What Comes First 


If you are truly in Christ


The Stair Steps To Earthly Abundance And Spiritual Prosperity


We Are One


Godís Will Concerning His Family


What is the substance of the things you are hoping for


`You can not live by faith based on what you hear from man.

The First Of All Commandments

If you are ready to be free from the things of this earth


The Spirit Of Man 


The Mind


The body


The Soul


A final note on the Soul


Lets do a quick recap before we continue

Walking In The Spirit And Not The Flesh

The Power Twins


The Laodicean Church


To the Leaders of the Church


Independence day

He Who Over Comes

The Rapture

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