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 A Christian Warrior Lives To 

Gain Heavenly Treasure

The main objective of this web site is to teach the spiritual truth  concerning Heavenly Treasure, its importance and how to gain it. 

On this site there are hundreds of pages of teaching,  most have one main objective, that is to teach that  God has a rewards program for His children He refers to as

"A Treasure In The Heavens"  (Luke 12:33 NKJV).


Almost every page that you will find on this site has the agenda to teach that


the Bible's definition of being blessed on this earth is gaining Treasure For Heaven.


To gain Treasure For Heaven we are  given by God, three special accounts to with draw  from .


Our Time


Our Talents


Our Material Gains,  money and this world's stuff.


Nothing on this earth happens by accident. What you have in each of your accounts to withdraw from to gain Heavenly Treasure was precisely planned by God for your individual life.


God allows some to have only  what seems to be enough to  barely get by.  Others He will give vast amount of free time, talent and this worlds money and stuff.


Where ever you are within Gods plan for  building the church, the Body of Christ,  how much there is in each of the three accounts  you have, it is there for the development of the whole Body, not you as an individual.  The Body Of Christ is developed by using what God has given each of us individually to gain Heavenly Treasure.  When we gain Heavenly Treasure we are doing things to build the body of Christ.


When God fills our three accounts, that is not the blessing.

When we use our three accounts to gain Heavenly Treasure,



Gaining Heavenly Treasure is

The Bible's Definition Of Being Blessed.


Want To Be Blessed?


Do What The Bible Teaches to Gain Heavenly Treasure.


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