Mission Statement


Encourage And Teach   Christian How Gain Heavenly Treasure Through The Following

  • Raise Money For Non-Profit Organization Which Are Involved In Community Service Projects.
  • Provide Financial Assistance To Low Income Families To Help With Adequate Transportation and  

  • With Daily Living Needs With Such Items As Washers, Dryers and Dish Washers, Etc.   

  • Provide Financial Assistance To Ministries World Wide That Are Involved In Evangelistic Out-Reach.

There Are Two Basic Things That 

Provide Heavenly Treasure For Each Of Us.

The Results Of The Time And Money We Give;

To Spread The Gospel   

In Jesus Name Help Others In Need.


BACW Mission Is To Encourage and Teach  Christians To Look For Individual Opportunity, 

To Obtain As Much Heavenly Treasure As Personally Desired.