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Gerson Therapy® Products Resources List           

Juicer InforMation, two-step machine.

Dr. Gerson had very specific requirements for the type of juicer used.  He recommended for the juicer a two-step grinder and press.  He found, and it was later confirmed, that centrifugal juicers are not acceptable.  There are several possible combinations of grinders and press to accomplish the best extraction:



  1. Norwalk Juicer: Heavy-duty grinder with electric hydraulic press. Available on 110 or 220/240 volts.  Available at (800)-405-8423 or (760) 436-9684, fax: (760) 436-9651, 493 Quail Gardens Lane, Encinitas CA 92024, U.S.A. Original owners have 12 year warranty.  
  2. Presses: Operated with a jack and requires some strength of the arm and shoulder.  Available through:

a)      The Juice Press Factory. Hydraulic juice press machines.  Wholesale factory price for Gerson patients only: $245 + shipping.  Call Monika or George Kovacs.

20105 Collier Lane, Lago Vista Texas 78645 Phone 1-888-588-7348, 1-512-267-9595


b)      Inner Glow Health Products, (61) 7-5449-0600, fax (61) 7-5449-0900, 110 Goodwin St., Tewantin, QLD. 4565, Australia. (Also Champion juicer)

  1. Champion Juicer/grinder: Not used as a juicer but as a grinder (take metal screen off), plus a press (see above).

a)      Local health food store

b)      Lodi Health Foods (209) 334-3868, 521 S. Central Ave, Lodi, CA 95240, USA.

c)      The Juicer Company, 44(0) 1904-54-541. 28 Shambles, York, Y01 7LX, United Kingdom

d)      Renewed Health Supply, (800) 678-9151,,

5601 Ainsworth Dr.  Greensboro, NC  27410, Champion juicers, water purifiers, air filters, distillers

4.    Olsen Scale Service (619) 420-7123, 221 Alpine Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91910, USA. Services and repairs new and older Norwalk juicer models. Chris Olsen.



1.            Averbest, (619) 228-3200, waterless stainless steel, PO Box 120151, Chula Vista, CA 91912

2.   Guy Herald Cookware, (760) 505-7057, 312 E. 2nd. Ave., Escondido, CA 92025.USA

      (Approved types of cookware for Gerson Therapy food: waterless cookware, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, crock pots).

BREAD, RYE (no-salt, no-fat):

  1. Rudolph’s Specialty Bakeries, 390 Alliance Ave., Toronto, Canada, M6N 2H8; 800-268-1589. Available at health food stores.
  2. The French Meadow Bakery, 2610 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA, (612) 870-4740, fax (612) 870-0907. Available at health food stores. For a store near you go to:
  3. The Celtic Meadow Bakery, 42B Waterloo Rd. London, United Kingdom NW2 7UH. Tel. 0207-452-4390 Fax 0207-452-3825 email A 800grm loaf made from Light rye, dark rye and water. Hand made and certified 100% organic by The Soil Association.



Edgar Cayces’ The Heritage Store: cold pressed castor oil (800) 862-2923 or (757) 428-0100, P.O. Box 444-WWW, Virginia Beach, VA 23458-0444, USA.



STAT, S.A., tel. 011 (52) 664-680-1103, fax (52) 664-680-2529, Apartado Postal 2392, Tijuana, B.C. 22000, Mexico.


Café Mam, (888) 223-3626, Royal Blue Organics, P.O. Box 21123, Eugene, OR 97402, USA



  1. Available at your local medical supply store.
  2. Innerglow Health Products, (61) 7-5449-0600, fax (61) 7-5449-0900, 110 Goodwin St., Tewantin, Qld., 4565, Australia.
  3. The Key Company, (800) 325-9592 or (314) 965-6699, 1313 W. Essex Ave., St. Louis, MO 63122 USA.
  4. STAT, S.A., tel. 011 (52) 664-680-1103, fax (52) 664-680-2529, Apartado Postal 2392, Tijuana, B.C.N. 22000 Mexico.
  5. ISHI, (619) 428-6085, fax (619) 428-6095, 524 W. Calle Primera Rd, Ste. 1005-E, San Ysidro, CA 92173 USA
  6. Health & Yoga, Stainless Steel Bucket Kit,



1.       Omega Nutrition, 6515 Aldrich Rd. Bellingham, WA 98226 USA.  Phone: (800) 661-3529 or fax (604) 253- 4228.  (The phone number is operable overseas).  Say you are a Gerson patient to receive a discounted price.  Never cook, bake or fry it.  Will keep unopened in freezer up to 6 months, and in the refrigerator 3 months.  After opening, keep in refrigerator no longer than 3 weeks.  

2.        Atowa, Ltd, Mr. Akihiro Monden, (81) 22-716-7538 fax (81)22-221-2909, 3-30 Ichibancho 2-Chome, Aoba-Ku, Sendai, 984-0047  Japan e-mail



1.       Organic Express, Ships to your door (California area) Bill McDonald (310) 835-8555

2.       Diamond Organic, Ships to your door in US. (888) 674-2642, Freedom, CA

3.       Joseph Schreiber, Arcadia Fl. 34266 (863) 494-4499 General info. On Organic food and Supplements.



      1. Celestial Seasonings

      2. Traditional Medicinal  

              The above brands are available at your local health food store



1.       Fresh Air by EcoQuest, (951) 454-3342, 29111 Valley Center Rd.  #K102, Valley Center, CA 92082

2.       Alpine Filtration Systems/CRM Marketing (800) 234-0844, (501) 631-8998, fax (479) 636-092889, P.O. Box 24, Lowell, AR 72745, USA, Waterwise® distiller-authorized dealer, chlorine-free shower filters, drinking water systems. On-line secure ordering, same-day shipping.

3.       Nutri Team Inc.  (800) 785-9791 (802) 388-0661, PO Box 71, Ripton, VT 05766 USA

4.       Pure Water, Inc. Aqua Clean, water distillers. Brian Folk (858) 792-8275, 10360 Sorrento Valley Rd., Ste A San Diego, CA 92121. Main office for area distributor: (402) 467-9300, 3725 Touzalin Ave. Lincoln, NE 68507

5.       Renewed Health Supply, Air Purifiers, Literature for Better Living (800) 678-9151 or (518) 355-8225 130 Okara Dr, Schenectady, NY 12303 USA



1.       American Formulating and Manufacturing, Non Toxic Paints, Sealers, Adhesives and Household Cleaners, (619) 239-0321, 3251 3rd Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, USA

2.       Natural Home Products, (707) 571-1229 (800) 373-4548, P.O. Box 1677, Sebastopol, CA 95472. USA.  Wool carpet, hardwood, cork flooring, Tibetan natural dyed area rugs, organic sheets, wool pillows, bed pads, comforters and Mattresses and organic paints and much more! Also available charge $1 per minute phone consultation for your interior building/health question. Ask for Susan, John or Peter.

3.       The Natural House Catalog, Fireside, Simon & Schuster Building, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, USA

4.       Averbest, waterless stainless steel cookware, (619) 423-0351, PO 120151, Chula Vista, CA 91912. 

5.       Cook World, waterless cookware (optional) (760) 505-7057, 312 E. 2nd. Ave., Escondido, CA 92025.USA (Approved types of cookware for Gerson Therapy food: stainless steel, ceramic, glass, crock pots).



1)       A Cancer Therapy & Gerson Therapy Handbook (Primer) in English:, (61) 7-5449-0600, fax (61) 7-5449-0900, 110 Goodwin St., Tewantin, Qld. 4565, Australia.

2)       A Cancer Therapy/videos in English: Stephen Richards, (44) 152-587-5739 (phone & fax), Old Swan House, High. St., Tingrith, Milton Keynes, England MK 17 9EN

3)       A Cancer Therapy in German: Waldhausen Verlag GmbH & Co., Stendorfer Strasse 3, D-27718 Ritterhude/Bremen, Germany.

4)       A Cancer Therapy & Video Vol. 1:  Nelson’s Books, (831) 465-9148, 1030 El Dorado Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA.

5)       A Cancer Therapy & Gerson Therapy Handbook (Primer): The Treehouse, (248) 473-0624, 22906 Mooney St. Farmington, MI 48336, USA.

6)       Censured for Curing Cancer in Korean: Garinae Publishing Co., Seoul, Korea.



Most supplements for the Gerson Therapy can be obtained from several different resources. Contact them for an order form.


1.       International Antiaging Systems            Supplies the following:

      Les Autelets Suite A                                     Penicillin

      Sark GY9 0SG                                         

      Channel Islands, Great Britain                                                                   

      Shipping excludes U.K., please read                        

      Terms, conditions, shipping &            

                                payment options. 


2.      ISHI

524 W Calle Primera Rd. Ste. 1005-E, San Ysidro, CA 92173, (619) 428-6085

Fax (619) 428-6095 and (619) 662-1268, email:

All the Gerson Therapy supplements and more.  Accepts credit and debit cards, cash, checks or money orders.


3.      The KEY Company                                       Supplies the following:                     Gerson Therapy Supplements &

800-325-9592                               Supplies                                         


314-965-7629 (fax)

1313 W. Essex Ave.

P.O. Box 220370

St. Louis, Mo 63122

Sells & Ships Worldwide

Accepts checks & credit cards


4.      Life Support                        Supplies the following items:

(209) 529-4697                        Acidol

P.O. Box 4651                        CoQ10

Modesto, CA 95352                        Desiccated liver capsules

Accepts checks & credit cards             Niacin

Ships to U.S. & foreign countries             Pancreatin enzymes

Fax (209) 572-3922                        Potassium Powder 3-Mix                                           (compound)

                                    Enema bucket kit and red                                            rubber catheter.


5.      Nutri-Meds                         Supplies the following:                              Thyroid hormone

                              (307) 773-0411


6.                         Thyroid hormone, no prescription                                                needed

                                                                       $15 shipping charge


7.      STAT, S.A.                              Supplies the following items:

Ph: (011) 52664-680-1103                   All the Gerson Therapy supplements

Ph: (011) 52664-680-1440                    including Thyroid hormone and liver

Fax (011) 52664-680-2529                     extract and enema bucket kits

Apartado Postal # 2392                  

Tijuana, Baja Cfa. N. 22000, Mexico. Requires pre-payment. Accepts checks. No credit cards.

       Ships to U.S. and foreign countries.


8.      Healing Naturally Limited                   Supplies the following items:

Stephen Richards                       All the Gerson Therapy supplements,

Old Swan House, High St.                 juice cloths/bags and enema kits. 

Tingrith, Milton Keynes,                 Stephen is also able to sell Gerson

England, UK MK17 9EN                Therapy books, DVD’s and videos on, United Kingdom.                      behalf of the Gerson Support Group

(44) 845 3703123 phone

(44) 845 3703123 fax     


9.      J. Crow Company                        Supplies the following:

                              PO Box 172                                                      Lugols Solution

                   New Ipswich, NH 03071

                                1-800-878-1965 US or Canada

                                603- 878-1965 All others

                     click on: Arthritis, Folk Medicine.


10.      Biogenesis       Supplies the following item:

                                A company in Africa. Please note that the                   Armor Thyroid hormone

                                bottles have 100 pills.



While we have made every effort to provide you with reliable resources, please note that the Gerson Institute cannot be held responsible for these independent businesses.


For purposes of good quality control, we would appreciate any comments or complaints regarding service and/or quality of products we have recommended or advertised.