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Clayton College of Natural Health is recognized as the world's leading college of natural health, nutrition and holistic lifestyles.

I personal would love to attend this college,  They have students and graduates from all over the world.  But because I live in the state of Ala, where this college is located,  I can not attend. I was told this is because the medical school down the street does not want the holistic inforMation being  taught,  was able to have this restriction  put on this school,  if it wanted to operate in the state of Al.  This may or may not be the exact truth or how to state this truth, but this is the truth, I can not attend, neither can anyone else attend who lives in Alabama.

Why would a medical college as big as the one in Birmingham Al not want people being taught how to prevent sickness and disease from enter their Body? I was told by a physician that graduate from this college that he was offered one course in nutrition and it was an elective.

Could it possibly be because you can not be charged for the food that you eat.  How obsered, well think again.

The FDA is already trying to control the sale of vitamins, herbs and even water.

Feds eye control of vitamins, supplements even water!

Banning Vitamin Sales Worldwide

F.D.A. Steps Up Effort to Control Vitamin Claims

Loosing your rights

Stop the FDA from blocking your access to Vitamins and Minerals!

Is it preposterous to think that in the future, you would need a doctors prescription to buy  unprocessed food, organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is time to wake up America!


From Here Down, All inforMation and links are taken from the following three web sites that are associated with Dr Paul Clayton and Clayton College.  The links that are single out are one that I personal find extremely interesting.

Spend some time on these three site and I believe the inforMation that you find can permanently change your future health condition.


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These sites are educational and offer hours of enjoyable study time for your own personal development.

Much of what is offered is free.


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