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                          Feeling A Little Out Of Control


Overweight and Obesity

Among Adults & Children Have Reached

  A Public Health Epidemic

 (Above inforMation is from The Surgeon General's Call To Action To Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity)

Department of Health and Human Services


Based on past history, Americans will spend billions of dollars on  “Fad Diets”, “Quick Fixes” and “Cheat the System” pills and other products this year, and continue to be apart of the above statistics.

 When You Are Ready To 

“Lose Weight”

“Lose It Right”

“Keep It Off”


This Web Sight Offers Daily Life Style

Weight Loss InforMation

Nutritional & Diet InforMation

Overall Family Health InforMation

Personal Training Classes

The Fee Is $27 Per Class With A Minimum Of Eight Classes

These session are small group session (1 - 4) and you will be work within your small group for support and encouragement.

Weekly Or Bi-Weekly 


Ron Price

Personal Trainer/Family Fitness Consultant 

·               Certified Personal Trainer & Family Fitness Counselor   through   Aerobics and Fitness Association of America ( )

·               BS Degree with Major In Physical Education and Minor in Psychology which includes studies in Applied Kinesiology, Physiology of Exercise and Nutrition.

·               30 years experience personally training gymnast which includes all major aspects of fitness and conditioning; psychological, strength, endurance, flexibility, proper diet and weight control.

·               Experienced three separate instances of weight gain in excess of 30 and then lost in excess of 30 pounds, giving me first hand experience of Victory over  weight gain, emotional eating and loss of self-control.