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Colon Cleansing

There are many different recommendations when it comes to colon Cleaning. The two that I cover at this point are Coffee Enemas and Colonic Irrigation.  I personally do coffee enemas usually about twice a week.  It makes a big difference in my over all feeling of health.  I have tried a simple form of colonics, so can not make assessments concerning this. I offer the following sites because they offer some good inforMation. I am not recommending you by any of their products. 





Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Ozone Colonic Colon Cleansing Benefits

Ozone Colonic Cleansing Benefits


Colonic Excellence


It is pointless to embark on any weight loss, preventative health care or health improvement program until you have flushed (by colon cleansing PROPERLY and detoxing properly) all the accumulated impacted debris and poisonous residues from your former dietary habits out of your digestive and elimination tracts. You owe it to your body to get serious about your health.


 Purchase Coffee from s.a. Wilsons.

Coffee Enema

The following inforMation was taken from the following web sites. Enema coffee, recommended by more health professionals for coffee enemas, Gerson Therapy, Kelley Therapy, Issels Therapy, Hildebrandt Therapy, Gonzales Therapy.

Below you will find a list of very interesting articles and interviews with and about various experts

 in the fields of alternative therapies and detoxification using coffee enemas.