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Breaking Out Of The Trap

Breaking Out Of The Trap


Would you like to be free from this vicious cycle?  You can turn this entire situation around very easily by taking a very simple steps.


One step at a time, decrease and then  permanently suspend the number of times each day you consume any  processed foods which are dead foods. Start replacing the dead processed food with organic fresh live foods .

When you decrease and then stop the number of times each day that you consume processed sweets, starches, snack foods, junk foods, all processed foods and foods that are high glycemic index foods, several exciting things will start happening in your body.

         You can lower the insulin levels and stop the body from  storing fat

         You will enable the body to start using stored fat as energy.

         When you lower the insulin levels, your pancreas will then secrete more of the hormone glucagon

         Glucagon is another hormone secreted by the pancreas that works totally opposite of insulin. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone. Glucagon is a fat-releasing hormone. Glucagon will actually enable the body to release stored body fat from your fat cells and will permit your muscle tissues to burn your fat as the preferred source of energy.


The power of Glucagon

Glucagon is a hormone produced by the pancreas that stimulates an increase in blood sugar levels, thus opposing the action of insulin.  When you eat Low Gycemic index foods through out the day,  your brain gets uses to the fact that you are going to properly feed your body.  When there is low GI foods being eaten, your brain will look into the digestive system and say,  OK there is plenty of good blood sugar on the way,  so sense I am hungry now I will send glucagons to get me some energy from my fat cells for my muscles.  Therefore I, the brain can keep the blood sugar that is currently in the blood for myself.


By eating correct amount of protein, fats and low glycemic index carbohydrates in a meal stimulates the release of this powerful substance, glucagon, into your body.

         When the insulin level is high in the body, this cause the level of glucagon is low.

         When glucagon level is high, this cause the level of insulin to be low.

         When you eat a lot of processed sugar and starchy foods, you raise your insulin levels and lower your glucagon,  this prevents the bodies from using fats as energy.

         Too much sugar in the blood causes the brain to use the high sugar levels as fuel and shut down the bodyís uses of your fat as fuel.

         Maintain lower levels of  blood sugar by eating 4 Ė6 smaller meals a day of foods which include foods that have a low glycemic index,  will keep your glucagon levels high, which causes your body to burn off the extra fat you do not want.


Educating yourself regarding food choices is critical in taking control of your blood sugar levels. In the proper amount, insulin is life sustaining, but too much can lead to serious health problems. The proper balance is what is needed.  A better scenario would be for the body to digest foods that do not turn to sugar as quickly. This way insulin is released gradually and in smaller amounts. This places less demand on the pancreas to produce insulin, thereby lowering the amount of insulin in the blood, and curbing appetite swings! You are now in control and converting excess fat to energy is your gift to yourself.


A Lifestyle Choice

Many people hope for a miracle when it comes to losing weight. They want the magic of a pill or supplements that will make the weight fall off in a few weeks. People want to be told that they can go on eating any way the want and still lose weight. The truth is that there is on short cuts to losing weight and then keeping it off. Plus beyond losing weight is the health factor.  What good is a skinny body that is full of disease an is going to die young.

A new lifestyle that includes good nutrition and exercise will fill you with health, vitality and vigor. Being at a desired weight should be the spin off a healthy life style. Do want Godís very best?  This is it, you being in control of this wonderful body that He has given you.  You decide to do what it takes to keep it health and strong.  Anything less will probably cost you more than you really want to pay.