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Hi, My Name Is Ron Price And I Welcome You To BACW.

This Section Of This Web Site Has One Main Objective.

This Objective Is To Help You Understand How Serious It Is 

For You To Take Your Health and Your Families Health Into Your Own Hands.

As A General Rule Medical Science And The Pharmaceutical Companies 

Only Offer Early Detection And Treatment  For Most Serious Sicknesses and Diseases.

I do not care how early you detect any serious disease,

 I can tell you from personal life experiences that early detection and treatments,

are not the best ways to handle any type of sick or disease. 

Especially  serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

My wife died of cancer at age 34 and was buried on my son's third birthday. 

This cancer was detected by me three months after her last exam. 

 I have a very close friend that  had to deal with  a stage 3 cancer in 06. 

She had been doing all the early detection exams 

that had been offered to her by medical science.

Please take my word for it, waiting until you get it,  

to do something about it,  

is not how you want to handle serious  sickness or disease. 


Would You Spend $15 and 2 hour, 49 minutes and 35 Seconds

To Find Out How

To Greatly Reduce The Possibilities That You And Your Family

Would Ever have To Deal With Cancer


Any Other Serious Sickness or Disease.

This Down Loadable Audio Book, Though Written For Woman,

Every One Needs To Here.

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