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Understanding and Doing What is Necessary To Help Your Body's Own Self Deference Systems

Self Deference




These are recommended Supplements that I or someone that I personal know have use to with your bodies self defense.

Whole Live Foods and Supplements 

Supplements To Consider  






The Following Are Web Sites That I Have Found That Offer Much Free InforMation For Your Consideration 


Spiritual Health  and How It effects Physical health

Health defense

Cruciferous Vegetables

Food Toxins 





















Your Health Is In Your Hands

Romans 12:1-2


health condition that was experienced.   


Be Very Weary of a web sites like quack watch. They make it sound so good giving no, to almost no credit at all,  to proven practices.

They attempt to discredited about everything that is not backed and taught by US medical science, medical doctors, medical schools and pharmaceutical companies.  You can travel on the web to many other countries and their medical science, doctors, schools and pharmaceutical companies many times are practicing much of what you will find naturopathic and holistic health care practices, why because medical science out side this country is not mainly driven by the $$$$, it seems they are more interested in doing what works,   


In this section you will find

  • Spiritual illness and spiritual causes to  emotional and physical sickness and diseases   Chapter 16                    


  • Emotional diseases and related problems

  • Physical diseases and related causes


    You will also find many different suggestions from many sources for preventions and treatments


These internet encyclopedias are here to help you find answers to question that may arrise.  

These first two sites are great research site for answers to all sorts of questions 


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This next site could be used to read the negative side effect

of pharmaceutical drugs if you are considering taking them.


Natural Medicines Indexed by Common Name