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These are recommended Supplements that I or someone that I personal know have use to with your bodies self defense.

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To whatever extent that you choose to Detoxify, Once a week,


 Twice a month, Once a month,  can  possibly  make an extreme


 difference in your future health.

As A General Rule Medical Science And The Pharmaceutical Companies 

Only Offer Early Detection And Treatment 

For Most Serious Sicknesses and Diseases.


I do not care how early you detect any serious disease,

 I can tell you from personal life experiences that early detection and treatments,

are not the best ways to handle any type of sick or disease. 

Especially  serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers.


Most families have no clue of the phenomenal amount of toxins absorbed or ingested in their bodies within the first hours of waking. From the water that is bathed with, the products that we use to cleanse ourselves, to the ones we use to make us look better and smell better, many have toxins that are absorbed into the skin or are ingested. Add the impurities that may be in the air of your home and in the short time your family has been awake, very possibly your bodies have been put in toxic overload.

This is just the beginning. Walk into the kitchen; an enter a whole new world of toxins.  Many foods that are boxed, in a carton, packaged, wrapped or canned, have some type of toxins in them, either stemming from the pesticides used during growing or toxins that were added during processing. Most all of our foods, eat in or out, including the foods that have no toxins within them or are not processed with toxins, are almost completely if not totally depleted of all their original nutriments.


So Where Do We Stand?

  • We are poisoning our bodies to the point that our immune system can no longer do its job of protecting us from diseases, because it is in overload fighting off all the toxins we consume. 


  • We feed ourselves more than enough calories to supply the energy that we need to daily survive. But because our foods are so depleted nutritionally, it leaves our bodies so under nourished that our bodies bombard us continually with cravings trying to get their nutritional needs met.


What Are The End Results And What Are We Standing In Line For?

  • According to national statistics 1 out of every 2.5 individuals will develop cancer in America, i.e. 40% of our entire population. Cancer is just one of many serious diseases that your family is standing in line for, if the immune system is not freed up from fighting so many toxins. God designed our bodies to fight off sickness and disease, and it can efficiently do just that, within a natural environment that is not filled with unnatural toxins.

  • A woman's chances of have to deal with breast cancer continue to increase.  In 1962, 1 in 20 women got breast cancer, In 1982, 1 in 11, In 2003, 1 in 8.  It's 2007 and the odds are now? Are you willing to stand in line and wait your turn, or would you like to do all you can to reduce the  odds for yourself. If so (Click Here)


  •  Clinical studies of children who were consuming a common food additive way back in1982, linked this additive to a quadrupling of brain tumors and a 700% increase in leukemia. The additive  sodium nitrite is still being used today.

  •   During the past 20 years, obesity among adults has risen significantly in the United States. Results from the 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), using measured heights and weights, indicate that an estiMated 66 percent of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese.


  • This increase is not limited to adults. The percentage of young people who are overweight has more than tripled since 1980. Among children and teens age 6–19 years, 17 percent are considered overweight. (9 Million Kids)

Lack of proper nutrition and exercise, without the toxins, place our bodies in a state of ill repair. As our inactive bodies struggle to be nourished, we are driven to the ill state of Overweight and Obesity, which are associated with

 Heart disease & Stroke 

  Certain types of cancer, 

Type 2 diabetes,

    Breathing problems,

     Psychological disorders, 

Weakened Immune System



The More You Reduce Your Consumption Of The American Dream Foods

Hotdogs, Ice Cream & Apple Pie, Etc.

 collage of junk food

The More You Reduce Your Chances,  Of Your Turn In Line Coming Up, 

And Having To Deal With What Is Listed Above!


If You Choose To Do Nothing With The Information

That Is Offered On This Web Site,

And Your Turn  In Line Or Someone You Love

Turn In Line Comes,

I Promise, 

It Will Cost All Involved  Much More Physically,

Emotionally And Relationally,

Than Any Ever Wanted To Pay.





What is Going On In Our Country?

The cancer in your refrigerator!


The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity

Virtually All Modern Disease Is Caused By "Metabolic Disruptors" Found In Everyday Foods And Groceries...

Bacon, sausage, hot dogs and processed meats hike cancer risk by 67% due to chemical preservative, says nutritionist.

There's a chemical additive that food manufacturers add to virtually all packaged meat products: breakfast sausage, picnic ham, hot dogs, bacon, bologna and many more. This chemical additive is used to give these meats a reddish color so they don't look putrid gray (which is the normal color of weeks-old packaged meat). By itself, this ingredient sounds completely harmless, but when you eat it, it forms highly carcinogenic chemical compounds known as nitrosamines.


These nitrosamines are such powerful cancer-causing chemicals that lab researchers actually inject rats with nitrosamines when they want to give them cancer in order to conduct experiments! 

Clinical studies that monitored children who consumed this ingredient shockingly revealed a quadrupling of brain tumors and a 700% increase in leukemia. (Preston-Martin, S. et al. "N-nitroso compounds and childhood brain tumors: A case-control study." Cancer Res. 1982; 42:5240-5.)  

Another study that tracked the dietary habits of nearly 200,000 people for seven years revealed that

  the consumption of processed meats containing this ingredient caused a whopping 6,700% increase in pancreatic cancer (April, 2005, the University of Hawaii, lead researcher: Ute Nothlings. (Click here to read  comments on this astonishing research.


Nitrosamines are so toxic that the USDA actually tried to ban them from all packaged meats in the 1970's, but the agency was overpowered by the corruption and influence of meat packing companies. So the ingredient is still 100% legal to use, even though it is highly carcinogenic.

When you eat this ingredient, it results in cancer-causing nitrosamines flowing through your entire digestive tract, ultimately leading to colon cancer as well as pancreatic cancer. Amazingly, this ingredient is listed right on the label! 

What's the name of it? Sodium nitrite. It's listed right on the label of almost every packaged meat product you can buy. If you own any bacon, sausage, or lunchmeat product, check your refrigerator right now and see for yourself. You'll be amazed that this cancer-causing ingredient is in so many foods you've been buying for years!

Are You and Your Family Eliminating Avoidable Toxins

Good Morning America



Imagine your typical day: You get up in the morning and brush your teeth with toothpaste. Then you have a shower; you use shower gel or soap, shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream. After you've dried yourself off, you apply moisturizer to your skin, makeup to your face and perhaps some hair gel, mousse or hairspray. A final spritz of perfume or cologne, an application of deodorant, and you're ready for breakfast.  You have your usual breakfast of cereal with milk and grab an apple for the road. You're feeling pretty good and refreshed, you're clean, you smell nice and you've just kicked off your metabolism for the day with a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Well, that's one way of looking at it. What you're probably not aware of is the phenomenal amount of toxins you've just absorbed or ingested in your body within your first hour of waking.

When you realize how very efficient the skin is at absorbing and integrating into the body anything it comes into contact with, you might also want to take a second look at exactly what elements you're introducing to your body via your skin. 

Every single product that you've used during your sample morning outlined above likely contains toxic and carcinogenic elements - from your toothpaste to your deodorant. 

In addition, many of the products available in North America contain chemicals that have been completely banned in numerous other countries. 

It would take a large thick book to go into exactly what each of these chemicals are and which products they're found in, but rest assured if you didn't buy all your toiletry products from a reputable health pharmacy, you're likely absorbing toxic and carcinogenic elements from every single product you use.

Then there's the supposedly healthy breakfast you ate. But what about the secondary hormones, antibiotics, and pesticide residues in the milk? Your cereal packet was likely sprayed with BHA or BHT:   

For Info On BHA & BHT.

"Researchers report that BHA in the diet of pregnant mice results in brain enzyme changes in their offspring including a 50 percent decreased activity in brain cholinesterase, which is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses. BHA and BHT also affect the animal's sleep, levels of aggression and weight." (Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, by The Burton Goldberg Group, pg. 169)

Maybe you sweetened your cereal with Aspartame, which is banned in numerous countries and has the longest list of complaints the FDA has ever received. Then there are the pesticide residues found in the cereal itself and also on and in your apple. 

Your supposedly "normal" morning routine is beginning to look like a toxic nightmare.  

We have to wonder why childhood cancer rates are up several hundred percent from the 1970's. 

What exactly is causing all these auto-immune diseases like lupus, fibromyalgia, Crohn's, multiple sclerosis, etc?  And why is it that the incidence rate of cancer in America is now 1 in 3?  Could it be that between our diet, environmental pollutants, household cleansers, cookware, toiletries, water supply, synthetic Materials, building Materials and other supposedly "normal" elements, we are slowly and synergistically poisoning ourselves? 

 Since then our opposition to drinking water fluoridation has grown, based on the scientific literature documenting the increasingly out-of-control exposures to fluoride, the lack of benefit to dental health from ingestion of fluoride and the hazards to human health from such ingestion. These hazards include acute toxic hazard, such as to people with impaired kidney function, as well as chronic toxic hazards of gene mutations, cancer, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, bone pathology and dental fluorosis. First, a review of recent neurotoxicity research results.

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