Pictures taken March 31, 2011


Pictures to be labeled  With names and dates Soon

I dated my wife from March 1969  until Nov 13th 1971.

We were married from Nov 13th, 1971 until she past away on May 21st 1989

These first Picture are of my wife  Teresa.  1955 - 1989  Die of cancer at age 34

Teresa was buried on  May 23rd,  my son Josh's third birthday


This first picture is the picture my son Josh  Keeps in his room of his mom.


My  Prom   1969



1970 and 1971 While we were dating.



Taking a friend to Jail on his wedding.


My Sisters Myra's Wedding.  We were married Nov 13th and Tammy was born Oct 24, 1972






                                    Teres In Our First Trailer Home 1971                                                                           Wedding



   My Sisters Teresa's





1978  -1979



Dec 1988



My Grand Son Tray




Me 1969

Original Honda 450 before my modifications.  I turned this street bike into a trail bike.

It was a great trail bike. The  only unplanned modification was to the gas tank. 

I ran into the rear end of a stopped car.

I started this up side down thing when I was eight years old.




These pictures are of Peri  and I,   We meet in 1991 We spent 19 years in a very happy relationship.




Peri's Mom and Josh

Peri and Her Brother Pepi


I love each of you  so much  and will miss each of you for this short time we are apart.

But I here my Heavenly Father calling, it is time for me to go home.



This is Emy My Third Wife.  Unfortunately A Short Lived Relationship.





Marina,  Will Become My Fourth and I know My Final Wife.

She Is An Unbelievable blessing to Me



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